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An Exciting 2018 at Mallinson Vineyard and Hall!

We are all celebrating here at Mallinson Vineyard and Hall! 2018 brings another year of why we exist, which is to be a part of your lives. It will bring another spring of long walks through the trellises of budding grapevines. It will bring another summer of starlit evenings filled with live music pouring from the amphitheater onto the patio and outside bar. It will bring another season of rose petal covered paths, joy-filled tear-jerking “I Do’s” and toasts rehearsed to perfection before the first dance.  2018 will bring another year of birthday celebrations, bridal showers, special tasting events and company parties just like 2017…except even better.

We have two huge announcements to kick off this New Year. First The Norton House is open! Our beautifully remodeled 1905 Craftsman Style Bungalow sleeps up to 8 and offers two bedrooms, a large bath, stocked kitchen, formal dining room and large cozy living room as well as a charming sunroom which includes a full sized sleeper sofa.  An evening at the winery, a stroll through the vines and a walk to the Norton House for the rest of the night or weekend awaits you.

Our second big announcement is our new easy to use and informative website! Mallinsonhall.com will allow you to:

  • Schedule a tour of the winery, hall, and vineyard for your special event
  • Book your rental of The Norton House
    • Keep track of our calendar of events to include:
      • For the Love of Wine shopping event
      • Pick our Signature Drink night
      • Open Mic Nights
      • Karaoke Nights 
      • Game Weekends
      • Dance Nights
      • Yoga and Wine
      • Tasting Tours
      • Live Music Nights
    • Blogs
    • Photos
    • Wines
    • Optimized for mobile use

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped make 2017 such a fantastic year! We hope to see you again and often in 2018. If you haven’t made it out for a visit yet, there’s never been a more exciting time to do so.


Matt Mallinson,  Mallinson Vineyard and Hall